How to talk to women without getting rejected: The Mindset No vs Know

My clients ask me all the time. How do i talk to women without getting rejected? It is such a simple question that has a ton of depth to it. Before you even begin talking to women it is important to understand what mindset you need to have before you even begin. This goes beyond tips and tricks and ultimately is the foundation I used to becoming mentally strong when approaching strangers in general.

The video starts off with my client saying “So yesterday, I was pretty scared of some of those approaches”

I ask the question that you need to ask more “Why?”

Goes on to explain that he has a perception in their minds that they are “bothersome” to women. Like it is “beneficial to leave them alone”.

So i motivated my client to step over the ropes and finally talk to the woman that he wanted to talk to.

I get it guys, I was terrified to talk to new people. In fact, it was a classic thing to have doors literally shut on my face. Going out in the middle of summer, walking door to door selling vacuums. In fact I have “Been rejected more times than you’ve even thought about trying. The reason is, i was forced to sell a product. That this is important and is something you need right now.

The mindset shift begins when you realize there is no such thing as rejection.

Anytime someone is saying “No” to you. They are saying “Know” they do not “Know” enough about you. Or you don’t “Know” their circumstances.

When you stop to realize that the fear of rejection is what holds you back from getting what you want, it allows you to shift your brain to see things from a completely different perspective.

Overcoming your ego will unlock any notions of failing today.


Watch the video below

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